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With a world full of sweet little sins, we all need redeeming once in a while.

The Berlin nightlife inspired, Redemption collection, is an expression of excess & restraint, dominance & submission, sinning & being redeemed.

Go ahead and sin, you can ask for redemption later!

Redemption Collection


Inspired by raw primal feelings mixed with a huge dose of sexiness, our instincts collection is born. 

Allow us to spark the flame of desire deep inside of you, let us lead you in finding the inspiration to fulfil your fantasies.  

Be true to yourself, follow your natural instincts!

Muster up excitement from the thrill of the 80´s & 90´s cruising scene. It is dedicated to our pasts, from being those bright eyed suburban boys move to the big cities with high hope and expectations.

The City Nights Collection makes a clear statement to those that wanted to crush our spirits and hide us to the fringes of society. The statement is loud & clear, bright & bold: “We´re still here and as proud as ever”.

Instincts Collection

Electric Collection

Naughty-cal Collection

Red Label Collection