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Combat Collection 

The Combat collection resonates with the soldier spirit inside all of us. Whether we are striving for success, love, or self-betterment, it is important to dress for the part correctly.


The combat collection was created to prepare you for any challenge so that you succeed 100% of the time. The collection comprises of camouflage prints, khaki green and black colours as base colours, but with hints of bold blue and red colours to draw attention to your best bits.


Get dressed soldiers, we´re going into combat!


City Nights Collection 

The City Nights Collection is dedicated to our pasts, from being those bright eyed suburban boys moving to the big cities and blinded by the city lights, with high hopes and higher expectations.


The collection musters up excitement from the thrill of the 80´s and 90´s cruising scene. It reminds us of our bodies urning to break free, to just be ourselves – to be a LEADER of our own lives. But, also the sensation of feeling the restrictions of societal norms wanting us to fit in, to blend in, or perhaps to just simply disappear from society all together.

The City Nights Collection makes a clear statement to those that wanted to crush our spirits and hide us to the fringes of society. That statement is loud & clear, bold & bright: “We´re Still Here and as Proud as Ever”.  


Redemption collection

With a world full of sweet little sins, we all need redeeming once in a while.

Our Redemption collection is an expression of excess & restraint, dominance & submission, sinning & being redeemed.

The unique pieces in this collection are designed with special details to make their use just that more fun and exciting. From a D ring on harnesses so you can easily be attached to a leash, PVC fabric to withstand wear and tear, bulge enhancing in our jockstraps, through to our innovative ´LEADER Big Booty´ design and easy access zipper in our briefs. Go ahead and sin, you can ask for redemption later!  

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Electric collection

We all need some sudden thrilling excitement from the monotony and restrictions of life, and what better way than to indulge in the Electric Collection.

Spoil yourself with key pieces in bold colours, neon vibes and futuristic prints combined with classic cuts matched with quality fabrics. Revive your life! let´s get charged this season with the Electric Collection.


Instincts collection


Inspired by raw primal feelings mixed with a huge dose of sexiness, our instincts collection is born.

 A truly unique collection, each piece has been beautifully designed to draw attention to your best bits and give you a huge boost of confidence.

 This season allow LEADER to spark the flame of desire deep inside of you, let us lead you in finding the inspiration to fulfill your fantasies. Be true to yourself. Follow your natural instincts.


Naughty-cal collection


The Naughty-cal collection is a play on mischievous statements combined with marine colours for the ultimate “cheeky preppy boy gone naughty” feel about it. 

Summer is going to be sizzling and we know what we want. We want to be naughty, and we need someone to get naughty with… are you going to answer our call?!


Intoxicated collection


The intoxicated collection is about the little luxuries in life that intoxicate us with feelings of happiness and bliss. Luxuries such as friendships, summer vibes, good times and love.

This season lose control of your senses… and allow yourself to get intoxicated.

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Red Label collection


Our red label collection is about maximum pleasure for you. Allow our garments help you to surrender to the things which give you the most gratification and uninhibited enjoyment. 

This season lose control of your senses… and allow yourself to get intoxicated. 


Defiant collection


Our launch collection is a reminder of an act of defiance and bold opposition to the rest of the world that tell us ´we are not good enough´, ´it is impossible to do´ or that ´we are daydreaming´.

To them there is only one thing to do… Be defiant and show them what we are made of!


Fatal Attraction collection


You feel your heartbeat pounding, you are aware of the bead of sweat caress you subtly as it slithers down your neck. Do you dare to throw logic and reason out of the window, succumb to the thing that you most desire but will ultimately result in your demise?

The Fatal Attraction collection was inspired by the objects which we obsess to own and the measures we will go to obtain them, regardless of the implications and damage.

Resistance is futile. Give in to your fatal attraction… you will eventually.